November 30, 1949 - August 19, 2013
A Message to the Community from Michael Murphy
Eric Erickson, a senior Gestalt teacher and practitioner, group facilitator, and manager at Esalen for several decades, and a friend to many in time of need, died on August 19, 2013.   Once a forest ranger and always an expert wilderness guide, he was a first responder during fires and other emergencies.  A long-time student of Richard Price, he was a strong, sensitive, competent caregiver for people in physical, emotional, or spiritual crisis.  His many years at Esalen gave him much experience dealing with the institute’s often challenging problems, enabling him to mediate conflicts, sit with grief, defuse anger, restrain acting out, provide healing words, and bring needed perspective to seemingly hopeless circumstances.   Every community needs people like him.  He was one of our most important go-to guys, there when we needed him when the going got tough.  He died too soon.  All of us deeply lament his passing.

Mary Anne Will
Esalen All Community
Aug 21, 2013
The circle on the front lawn to honor Eric Erickson was attended by over 100 people.
Ysaye Barnwell’s class sang “Ain’t no grave can hold my body down..."- reminiscent of John Soper’s memorial.
The sun shone for the first day this week.
There were stories of Eric as sax player, surfer, collector of native American artifacts, Forest Ranger who refused to carry a firearm, playful loving child, rancher, Gestaltist, Gate Guard, holder of safety & space, exerciser in spandex, stoic with compassion, a man with enormous integrity,  teacher, friend, Jazz Fest security, so many roles!
Brother David joined the circle via email and further: So sad to get this news of Loss.... Was tuning in with your Front Lawn circle to remember him.....  Chungliang Al Huang
Bob Walter is with me here in Oregon... We jointly share with all our Esalen friends in remembrance of Eric's passing.
And I know many of you were tuning in and grateful for the time spent at Esalen with Eric and others- He changed my life
and I will carry his voice with me as I hold space for others (as I do John’s...).
Blessings to all on this beautiful and sad day, MAW 

Mary Anne Will
To Esalen All Community
Sep 1, 2013
We will meet on the Big House Lawn from 2-6pm
Please park in marked spaces on Hwy one and enter by the back gate
Bring you photos & stories of Eric to share
Pass this info on to anyone who knew him

There will no access to the South side of the property at this event.
Refreshments will be served.

If you have a favorite Eric quote, please email it to me-
Some may be original Ericisms- others his favorite quotes from other people!

I miss Eric and am aware of the hole he has left so unexpectedly in our community.

Blessings, Mary Anne

In Memoriam: Eric Erickson
by Dorothy Charles
Long-time Esalen Community member Eric Erickson passed away on August 19th, at his home on the south coast of Big Sur.
Eric arrived in Big Sur in the late 1970s. He worked as a park ranger and lived next door to Esalen. Eric became a friend, hiking companion and student of Dick Price.
In his early days at Esalen, Eric was on the Deep Tissue Bodywork crew, and at one point held the position of General Manager. For many years, Eric was the Gate Manager where he provided a high level of safety and security for the community. Eric skillfully handled a myriad of difficult situations, people in extreme states, interlopers and medical emergencies with his calm and competent presence.

The most fulfilling work for Eric at Esalen was heading the Advisor's Group, working with individuals, and facilitating Gestalt Process Groups. Eric obtained his PhD in Clinical Psychology. He carried on Dick Prices' legacy, working with community members and teaching workshops. Eric was described by several of his students as excelling at explaining  complex psychological ideas in a clear and understandable manner that helped them makes sense of their emotional experience. Eric brought a quiet, gentle and powerful presence to all aspects of his work at Esalen, and he will be greatly missed by all of those whose lives he touched.